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Creating teams – the Objective Team part 1

Introduction This post deals with managers new to a group of people where they have been given management responsibility for that group. Managers who have created a performing team shouldn’t need to go through the whole process written about here but it’s often of value to review team performance from time to time, in order […]

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Business culture – the addendum

Changing the business culture from within In Business culture parts 1 – 4, I write about the process when one is in a new assignment, or is coming into a business from outside. This part looks at how to approach this when one is incumbent in a role and change is needed, or a change […]

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Why blog about management, Bastian?

Recently, I found myself discussing management techniques with a trusted colleague and he asked why I approached and performed management tasks in my unique way, “I didn’t realise it was unique” I replied. That started a personal introspective that has led to the creation of this blog. I have been in management roles for almost […]