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Breaking Bad…News

Introduction This topic might be considered a sub-topic of various headings contained within the management toolbox. It touches on Leadership, as without this ability one can’t be a leader, it certainly falls into the category of Communication, yet it also requires Emotional Fortitude and an ability to Execute timely and effectively. Acquiring (or mastering) the […]

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Creating teams – The Collective Team

In my opinion, this can be split into three main categories or phases: Collective team building Objective team building Project team building Collective team building The need to have individuals and groups of people understand and work to the same overall goal or vision. Collective team building requires acute awareness and understanding of the difference […]

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Coming in March….

Last week was a non-posting week. I used the time to write part 3 of the “Culture” series, sketch out, in written terms, the post on “Leadership” (which will probably run to at least 2 posts) and for the non-business posts section, have outlined a couple of posts on shoes and vinyl records (deliberately short […]

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Business culture – part 2

My previous post on this topic looked at what is business culture, how to identify it and what does the term mean through various levels of an organisational structure. This post focuses on change and why the need for change. Why should the culture be changed? In order to change a culture, one needs to […]

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A testimonial of working in Saudi Arabia

Even though I had worked as an Ex pat in Europe for a number of years prior to working in Saudi, I knew that any comparisons in the business culture would be futile and irrelevant. What surprised me most was the perennial observation from my Saudi employers that I did not fit into their culture. […]