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Wasteful thinking – how to understand the value stream

An article written by my colleague and Print/Packaging industry columnist, Andrew Malson. This piece has been segmented for the blog and complements previous articles by him. This article first appeared in WHERE To Print magazine. Introduction In this article I begin to further discuss Lean methodology by looking at waste as a concept; what it […]

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Objective teams part 3 – performing teams

Introduction To use a metaphor: building a house with weak foundations is inadvisable. It might allow the first floor to be built but never more and, over time, there is a good chance that that house will subside and sink, or collapse in on itself. The same is with teams. Short term, first level, gains […]

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Amusing anecdotes – part 1

In this series of posts I would like to share with you some of the funny, strange and weird happenings that have occurred to me, or have been recounted to me, over the last few decades. In true writers fashion, almost all names and some locations have been changed, to spare any discomfort to those […]