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Business culture – part 2

My previous post on this topic looked at what is business culture, how to identify it and what does the term mean through various levels of an organisational structure. This post focuses on change and why the need for change. Why should the culture be changed? In order to change a culture, one needs to […]

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Maximising and utilising your understanding of business finance – for non-finance managers

Introduction This post has been written from the perspective of a senior manager as that is the my most recent experience, although it applies throughout all areas of a manufacturing business. It can stand alone but can be read as an abstract work that will lead into other uses of the management toolbox, as posted […]

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Why blog about management, Bastian?

Recently, I found myself discussing management techniques with a trusted colleague and he asked why I approached and performed management tasks in my unique way, “I didn’t realise it was unique” I replied. That started a personal introspective that has led to the creation of this blog. I have been in management roles for almost […]


Andy Collinsson

Andy Collinson started out his extensive career in the print, packaging and associated industries through a scientific route, yet his true vocation beckoned upon being offered the initial step upon the ladder of a career in management. Since these humble beginnings, Andy has undertaken many varied roles, across multiple continents in small to medium size businesses, […]