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Creating teams – the Objective Team part 1

Introduction This post deals with managers new to a group of people where they have been given management responsibility for that group. Managers who have created a performing team shouldn’t need to go through the whole process written about here but it’s often of value to review team performance from time to time, in order […]

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Creating teams – The Collective Team

In my opinion, this can be split into three main categories or phases: Collective team building Objective team building Project team building Collective team building The need to have individuals and groups of people understand and work to the same overall goal or vision. Collective team building requires acute awareness and understanding of the difference […]

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Summer style

A short post on the question that all men aren’t asking at the moment, “what should I wear, when the warmer weather is upon us, that will be both stylish and comfortable?” Well, the answer to that vitally unimportant question is; Seersucker. While the origins of the fabric are to be found in Asia, the […]


Well what happened there?!

Hello everyone. I posted an optimistic outlook at the beginning of the month, I even included a picture of Spring blossoming and a headline note saying “Spring”! And then a global pandemic came to turn everything in the world upside down. The one topic I started to work on, that was intended to be posted […]

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Amusing anecdotes – part 1

In this series of posts I would like to share with you some of the funny, strange and weird happenings that have occurred to me, or have been recounted to me, over the last few decades. In true writers fashion, almost all names and some locations have been changed, to spare any discomfort to those […]

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Coming in March….

Last week was a non-posting week. I used the time to write part 3 of the “Culture” series, sketch out, in written terms, the post on “Leadership” (which will probably run to at least 2 posts) and for the non-business posts section, have outlined a couple of posts on shoes and vinyl records (deliberately short […]