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A watch post

To watch afficianados (read: obsessive nutjobs) the featured image above says more than words can really convey, as the picture is of my watch, on the right and the watch that my wife wears, on the left (notice how deliberately I didn’t write, “my wife’s watch”) and it immediately sets out my stall as an […]

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Acronyms and business b*llshit

In day to day terms, the use of acronyms is a convenient, acceptable and often necessary part of our communication, particularly in written form. Is there a need to write North Atlantic Treaty Organization when NATO is understood, or Military Intelligence Section 5 and Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation for MI5 and Laser, […]

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A pen post

There’s a story behind this pen and it goes something like this; Travelling back home via Zurich airport last year, my wife and I had a few hours stopover, so we window shopped for a while. As my wife wandered off toward glitzy stores that sold completely unnecessary things, such as handbags and scarves, I […]