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The Fall – Season, or statement?

It’s been a full 2 months since my last post and 5 months since I wrote “It’s Summer..and?” for the blog. Motivation, like the pervading sense of reality in the world, has inexorably diminished since my literary peak in the second quarter of the year and I’m not entirely sure why. So, here I am […]

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And now for something completely different……

cover photo by Matthew Eynon The Rhythm Slicks These last couple of days, I was given the opportunity to write copy for a new website for some very talented musicians/songwriters, who just happen to be good friends of mine. Not only was the copy to be for the band bio but also an intro […]

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In Vinyl we trust..

Recently, my abandoned passion for record collecting became reignited, for no other reason than I found a newly pressed copy of a BB King album on sale in a discount supermarket in Poland. I purchased this album without having the method to even play it, something in me awoke a dormant desire to hold and […]

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Wasteful thinking – how to understand the value stream

An article written by my colleague and Print/Packaging industry columnist, Andrew Malson. This piece has been segmented for the blog and complements previous articles by him. This article first appeared in WHERE To Print magazine. Introduction In this article I begin to further discuss Lean methodology by looking at waste as a concept; what it […]

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The Magical East (of Europe, that is) – part 1

Here I veer away from my usual topics of business (with the occasional foray into commentary on style), to offer up some snapshots of my experiences of travelling. Part 1 looks at a recent trip through the Baltic region. There are, obviously, different types of locations for different purposes, I thoroughly enjoy the opportunities that […]

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Anecdotes – the Wales era 2

A continuation of the Anecdote series and another from my stint as GM in Wales, from the turn of the Century. First names have been changed. “Do you know who I am?!” Allow me to introduce Vernon. Vernon was the Sales Director, someone that might be described as detached from reality, where reality requires work […]