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Anecdotes – the Wales era

A return to the literary sorbet that cleanses the senses, after the weighty verbiage of Aristotle’s theories and postulations. I present the next in the series of Anecdotes. The same location, the same business and the same period of time have provided a rich vein of anecdotal material. Not only characters from the shop floor, […]

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Objective teams part 3 – performing teams

Introduction To use a metaphor: building a house with weak foundations is inadvisable. It might allow the first floor to be built but never more and, over time, there is a good chance that that house will subside and sink, or collapse in on itself. The same is with teams. Short term, first level, gains […]

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Objective teams part 2 – forming the team

Introduction As I reflect on the latest series of “team” posts and how my methodology has developed over time, it struck me that the phases might appear to happen sequentially, but that isn’t the case. They are written that way to demonstrate to the reader the different skills required to achieve each stage, yet they […]

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Creating teams – the Objective Team part 1

Introduction This post deals with managers new to a group of people where they have been given management responsibility for that group. Managers who have created a performing team shouldn’t need to go through the whole process written about here but it’s often of value to review team performance from time to time, in order […]

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Operations & Finance -working better together

Introduction In too many cases in my career I have entered into assignments where the operational team exist in an “operational silo”. The belief that a team of people with only one focus is best suited to running the operational performance of a business is narrow minded; the team, as discussed elsewhere in the blog, […]

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Creating teams – The Collective Team

In my opinion, this can be split into three main categories or phases: Collective team building Objective team building Project team building Collective team building The need to have individuals and groups of people understand and work to the same overall goal or vision. Collective team building requires acute awareness and understanding of the difference […]