Andy’s management musings

I’m Andy Collinsson and welcome to my blog. My posts reflect 30+ years of experience in management and contain real, not theoretical, examples of situations that I’ve encountered and overcome within that time-frame. If you’re embarking on the path of management, or are a seasoned practitioner, I’m sure there’s grist for the mill in the content. Scroll through the various topics and feel free to contact me or comment.

Breaking Bad…News

Introduction This topic might be considered a sub-topic of various headings contained within the management toolbox. It touches on Leadership, as without this ability one can’t be a leader, it certainly falls into the category of Communication, yet it also requires Emotional Fortitude and an ability to Execute timely and effectively. Acquiring (or mastering) the […]

The Fall – Season, or statement?

It’s been a full 2 months since my last post and 5 months since I wrote “It’s Summer..and?” for the blog. Motivation, like the pervading sense of reality in the world, has inexorably diminished since my literary peak in the second quarter of the year and I’m not entirely sure why. So, here I am […]

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I can very much relate to this blog. Having worked closely with you in a foreign assignment in the Middle East, I witnessed your first team building session. The memory is like yesterday. Great stuff Andy. Well done


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