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cover photo by Matthew Eynon

The Rhythm Slicks

These last couple of days, I was given the opportunity to write copy for a new website for some very talented musicians/songwriters, who just happen to be good friends of mine. Not only was the copy to be for the band bio but also an intro for their debut album of all original material.

This really was a new experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The band itself are a high energy outfit, playing the kind of driving blues and rock ‘n roll best experienced up close and personal, yet their musicianship transfers remarkably well onto record.

First here’s the copy for the band themselves:

A rockin’, rollin’, rhythm & blues bustin’ quartet, playing the Devil’s music as if their lives depended on it. In their own, unique style, the Slicks boot stamp their jumpin’ rhythms all over 50’s rockabilly and rack up the energy. These boys ain’t no slice of blazing Americana, they’re the whole darn pie!

This hot, jumping combo are:

Kev Burnett. Frontman, rhythm king and the creative penman of the band. Kev’s searing vocals and intense performance defines the raw energy of the band.

Nick Jones. The 6 string virtuoso. Licks and riffs from the Delta to the Roadhouse and every juke joint and honky tonk in between. Nick’s cool, laid back exterior belies the raw brilliance that ignites every blistering track.

Tony Biggs. The demon of the doghouse bass. Whether it’s a raw, rockabilly slap or a mellow, cool, tempo; Tony’s thundering bass lines are the pulsating, throbbing heart of the band’s signature sound.  

Mark Kemlo. If someone needs to reign in all of that rockin’, frenetic energy, there’s no one better than the Gatekeeper of time; the Sentinel of rhythm. Mark sits because no one else can when he pounds out those solid beats and hits those sizzling riffs.

Forget how this music should be played, this is how it needs to be played!

And now the album intro:

The first, all original, album release from The Rhythm Slicks

Something loud, graphic and almost grotesque is glaring through the mist of the Welsh valleys.

Is the sound familiar? Is the deep, thunderous vibration celestial in origin? Such is the raw power emanating toward us but no, listen…deep, pulsating bass lines, reigned in by the mighty crack of a commanding drumbeat.

The energy is inescapable…the Devil’s rhythm fills the melodic void; then, suddenly, a psychotic rumble of raw, callous guitar licks hail the angst ridden, emotional vocals to create a debut album that will leave you in wonderous awe, track after track.  

The Rhythm Slicks have arrived.

Each of these original tracks give a nod back in time to American roots music, yet have an energy and a power unique to the Slicks. Regardless of which genre the boys choose to wrap their (considerable) musical chops around, they take it by the hand, shove it in the electric socket and crank it up!

This isn’t how it should be played, it’s how it needs to be played!

I wish the boys well, they’ve worked hard over the years and have captured on record the raw energy that many punters have witnessed live.

Here’s their new website, check it out and keep up to date for news of upcoming gigs (at the appropraite time):

(c) Andy Collinsson August 2020

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