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Summer is here…and?

2020 is less about the seasons than the number of the year. Will this year be remembered as the year that shaped the decade? The era, perhaps?

When I look back and think of years, I easily remember 1976, the year of the British “heatwave” and 1977, the year that Elvis died, both years that, whilst evoking equal emotions of joy and sadness, defined the year, maybe the decade but certainly not a whole period of time.

My take on “socially distant”

Much like “the Plague” defines medieval Europe, “the Depression” a period of extreme hardship in America and “the 60’s” as a figment of someone’s addled imagination; we are at the beginning of an era, and eras bring change. And that’s where this year is going to be different, this year will give rise to an era; it will entitle that era.

This year has touched every aspect of our lives; fashion, politics, social interaction, work, popular culture, this last 6 months will redefine how we live.

Divisive politics, debatable leadership, bad haircuts, dodgy facial hair and self isolated, binge watching of Netflix – welcome to the poster boy for the next epoch

Will it be referred to as “post COVID” or, in generations from now, the COVID era (the phrase “new normal” drives me bonkers)? Whatever the designation, future generations will always know when it was.

I suppose that whoever figures out what will be of greatest value in the looming zeitgeist, will be the next Zuckerberg or Musk and is, as I write, blissfully unaware that there’s been much of a difference because, right now, he/she, is waiting to have their nappy/diaper changed and be fed, again.

Eras transverse seasons, years and decades; while little Johnny/Jane gurgles at the TV today, in 20 year’s time they’ll be sitting in their hermetically sealed, home office (with carefully staged copies of books that they want people to think they’ve read, in the background), Zooming from the moon, or something like that. 

How I organise my bookshelf for zoom meetings

In the meantime, try and forget about us being on the cusp of this multi-generational change and, like the the person in the headline picture, embrace what lies ahead and take whatever opportunity you can to enjoy the Summer.

Unless, of course, you are reading this from the southern hemisphere; if that’s you, then I offer condolences from the top half for losing the Summer of 2019.

My best wishes.

Andy Collinsson May 2020 – ♫Era go again…..♫

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