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Well what happened there?!

Hello everyone. I posted an optimistic outlook at the beginning of the month, I even included a picture of Spring blossoming and a headline note saying “Spring”! And then a global pandemic came to turn everything in the world upside down.

The one topic I started to work on, that was intended to be posted this week, was themed “Leadership”. This is something that has been of great interest to me over my career and recent, professional circumstances added to my profundity of opinion.

I was 1000 words into my thesis as the virus began its deadly and rapid diaspora from its origins in Asia; world leaders were suddenly thrust into doing what their job description required in line 1-  leadership. Here we have the heads of nations needing to display fundamental leadership, not only for their own country but also as global leaders, needing to act as the bellwether for the world and for the countries that stand in the path of this viral tsunami.  

I have been watching, reading and listening with great interest as to how these leaders have faced this current global challenge (variable would be a good description). My original post on leadership, from the business perspective, will follow later but next I shall post my own opinion on how I see the performance of world leaders, at the most challenging time in living memory.

In the meantime, I have a semi-serious and completely biased article on business attire coming up.

Please keep safe.

© Andy Collinsson 2020

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