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Coming in March….

Last week was a non-posting week. I used the time to write part 3 of the “Culture” series, sketch out, in written terms, the post on “Leadership” (which will probably run to at least 2 posts) and for the non-business posts section, have outlined a couple of posts on shoes and vinyl records (deliberately short changing you any details there 😉).

I would like to reiterate (if I haven’t already, explicitly stated) that the business posts are all written from personal experience, the examples and anecdotes are true and happened over the last 25+ years of my business career. In speaking with a friend just the other day, he mentioned how the posts resonate with him exactly because of that fact; they are true, therefore, I welcome any questions anyone may have about the content and would be happy to discuss. Please feel free to use the contact page and get in touch.

The next chapter on culture should be relevant for anyone involved in implementing change in any strata of the business of which one is responsible (for this topic applies throughout the business and is not specific to any position). I have written this from the perspective of a new manager in a new position, or assignment but over the last week I’ve realised that not everyone will be in this position, therefore, I will write the last section (most likely to be post 4) on how to implement the process of change as an incumbent manager or leader looking to change the status quo.

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading the various posts. Whilst the main reason for starting the blog was to share my business experiences and (hopefully) help others at various stages of their careers, I know that my other passions have been instrumental in shaping the person that I am, hence the reason for including them here.

(C) Andy Collinsson March 2020

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