Andy Collinsson

Andy Collinson started out his extensive career in the print, packaging and associated industries through a scientific route, yet his true vocation beckoned upon being offered the initial step upon the ladder of a career in management. Since these humble beginnings, Andy has undertaken many varied roles, across multiple continents in small to medium size businesses, global corporations, single site, multi site and regional operations in a career spanning over 30 years, from Technical/Operations/Managing Directorships to VP and President. Andy is a firm believer in the concept of transferable skills and has successfully proven this by taking his career-long education and applying them outside of his chosen industry. 

That’s the business end done, now for other interests that may end up in the blog:

  • anything of a sartorial interest, although style supersedes fashion in all cases
  • pens
  • watches
  • self help books that no one else thinks of as self help books
  • selfless acts of altruism
  • cats and the casual study of
  • vinyl records and the analogue era of music listening

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