Andy’s management musings

I’m Andrew Malson – welcome to my blog. My posts are a reflection on 30+ years of management experience and provide real, not theoretical examples of situations that I’ve encountered within that period.

Whether you are at the beginning of your path in management or are a seasoned practitioner, I’m sure there is grist for the mill in the following content. Feel free to scroll through and contact me if you have any points for discussion, maybe you’ll become a topic of a post!

Nothing will come of (doing) nothing*

I truly believe that to have an opinion worthy of consideration by others one must first have some experience of the topic in hand, whether that’s first hand or indirectly through someone who does. I try to steer away from topics that I have no knowledge of and this was the rationale behind my enrollment…

My times needed a-changin’*

I started this blog in February 2020 after losing my job with a major industrial manufacturer the previous month. On my final visit to the manufacturing sites (my farewell tour, if you like), one of my colleagues suggested that my management and leadership style was so different to the other senior managers/Execs in the organisation…

One reply on “Andy’s management musings”

I can very much relate to this blog. Having worked closely with you in a foreign assignment in the Middle East, I witnessed your first team building session. The memory is like yesterday. Great stuff Andy. Well done